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Discover the Best Products to Sell on eBay

Start making top dollar with the best selling items on eBay, learn how with Lynn Dralle’s instructional videos. They’re easy to understand, packed with information on finding products to sell online as well as eBay selling tips.

Want to learn which are the best selling items on eBay?

It can be tricky deciding on the best products to sell on eBay but Lynn has spent more than the last 10 years learning exactly how to do it. As an eBay Certified Provider and Power Seller, she’ll explain exactly how she finds the best things to sell online. In addition to tips & tricks, Lynn will teach you why these are the best products to sell on eBay, all about antiques & collectibles, and how to efficiently buy and sell products online so you can be an immediate success.

If you can't make it to Lynn's LIVE Boot Camp, these DVD's are the next best thing! Learn which are the best selling items on eBay and how you can start making money with them. Finding products to sell online is simple and you’ll quickly learn just how easy it is.

2014 New Video Products

What 2 Look 4 What 2 Look 4

Shipping is as Easy as ABC

Is shipping one of your biggest nightmares? To help YOU, I decided to share all my secrets in my new video series, Shipping is as Easy as ABC. This is a 3-part doanloadable video. The three parts are about an hour long total. That is A LOT of shipping secrets! Let me tell you a little bit more about the information included in “Shipping is as easy as ABC”.

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What 2 Look 4

What 2 Look 4 is the 2nd video in training series. It is a downloadable 5-part video series that walks you through what to be looking for at garage & estate sales and in thrift stores. This 2 ½ hour video series will teach you what you need to know -- to buy for the right price -- so that you can successfully these items on eBay.

We have sold 100’s of these and not one person has been dissatisified or asked for a refund. It really is worth the price.

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What 2 Look 4 What 2 Look 4

Write-Up Rodeo

Write-Up Rodeo is the 3rd video in our training series. Mo and I had a blast filming this with my daughter Indy, and now she has edited this hour-long video with her great eye and fun sound effects.

Write Up Rodeo will walk you through how to write up your weekly purchases and get ready to list quickly. I show a table full of items and how Mo and I write up 61 items in 61 minutes!

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Research Round-Up

Research Round-Up is the 4th video in our training series. Mo and I had a blast filming this with Indy, and now my daughter has finished editing the 90 minutes of footage with fun updates, great sound effects and her innate creativity.

It addresses these questions:

  • How much research should I be doing on a weekly basis?
  • How do I choose which items I research and those I don't?
  • Why should I decide to research certain items?
  • What are the best research sites?
  • How do I use those sites?

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What 2 Look 4 All or Nothing

The Shooting Gallery

The Shooting Gallery is the 5th video in our training series showing you how to assembly-line list. This online or downloadable video is 90 minutes long.

The Shooting Gallery will walk you through how to photograph your weekly purchases in the best possible photo studio and get them quickly edited for listing.

In this video, you will learn:

  • Lynn’s Top Tips for Taking eBay Photos
  • How to take your Photos as Quickly as Possible
  • Assembly Line Photography
  • How to Set up Your Photo Studio…(3 Different Examples)
  • How to control Your Light so it doesn’t Control You
  • How to Crop & Name Your Photos Quickly
  • Assembly Line Editing

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A.L.L. or Nothing!

A.L.L. (Assembly Line Listing) or Nothing is the 6th video in our training series and will walk you through the process to list your weekly purchases, once they are researched, written up, photographed and put away on the shelf.

In this video, you will learn:

  • How to Organize Your I Sell Sheets Before Listing
  • How to Quickly Calculate Shipping Weights & Pricing
  • How to Quickly Pick Your Categories
  • How to Make Writing an 80 Character Title Become Second Nature
  • Which Photo Should be Your Gallery Choice
  • The Information You Really Need in the Description
  • Fast Pricing Decisions
  • How Keeping it Simple Makes Listing More Efficient
  • How to Make Listing Fun

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lets-make-deal.png Take Back Your Independence

Lets Make a Deal

The 55-minute presentation is broken down into 3 parts or 3 different doors (Just like in the Let’s Make a Deal TV Show.)

  • Door #1: My eBay Success—we will discuss my 4 top selling categories and why you MUST be selling items in these categories.
  • Door #2: 10 Easy Steps to YOUR eBay Success—The steps you need to take NOW to increase your eBay business before we head into the most profitable 4th Quarter of selling.
  • Door #3: Let’s Make eBay Deals with Best Offer—We go through 6 of my items and show you why and how I decide to take a best offer or not.

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Take Back Your Independence

Take Back Your Independence will walk you through the remodel we did in a seven-day period on my mom’s eBay space and her business. It was quite the operation!

In this video, you will learn:

  • Lynn’s Top Tips for Remodeling Your eBay Space
  • What Types of Shelves & Clothing Racks Work and Where to Buy Them
  • How to Refresh Old Listings
  • The Quickest Way to Sort and List Books
  • How to Repurpose Older Listings of Dinnerware and Flatware Sets
  • How to Control your Space so it Doesn’t Overwhelm You
  • Why you Should Retire some Listings and Donate those Items to Charity
  • How a Free Box on the Sidewalk Makes Unwanted Items Disappear
  • How to Have Fun While you Work!
  • Also Included How to Make a Rhubarb Pie and Kayak in the Ocean

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Summer Safari  

Summer Safari

Summer Safari is the 7th video in our training series showing you a typical Monday. The WORST day of the week (by far) since most eBay sellers take a break from all the paperwork and details starting Friday around noon and don’t get back to it again until Monday.

In this video, you will learn:

  • How to Check Emails and Scan for Problems
  • How to Answer Questions
  • Why You Should Email Buyers of Items with Defects
  • How to Have Fun Checking Your Listings—Watchers? Bids?
  • How to Pull your iSell Sheets from Closed Auctions
  • Why You Should Price Your Unsold Items High
  • How High Should You Price those Unsold Auction Items
  • Why You Should Put Your Pull Sheets in Order Before Finding Sold Items
  • How to Quickly Pull Items for Shipping
  • How to Respond to Your Best Offers

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Other Great Video Products

Trash to Cash DVD

Trash to Cash, A Garage Sale Adventure DVD

This helps you determine the best products to sell on eBay. If you are ever curious exactly how to buy and sell on eBay this is for you. Spend a day with Lynn and watch her load her car up with best selling items on eBay in episode 1. In the 2nd episode, you then watch her list & sell the items on eBay. Watch Lynn turn $74 into $569!

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Lynn's Road to eBay Live DVD's

Get the eBay selling advice you need. This amazing 3 DVD set features video recorded live at 3 of Lynn's classes as well as a Q & A session where you will learn the best products to sell on eBay and all the insider secrets to get your eBay business moving quickly.

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Learn from the comfort of your own home as The Queen of Auctions gives you the best eBay selling advice with her DVDs and courses. She covers all the basics: the best products to sell on eBay, how to find products to sell online, antiques, photography and more.

As an eBay Certified Provider, eBay has put their stamp of approval on Lynn and her products. She is one of only 35 companies (or individuals) to receive this honor! There is no one better to learn all the ins and outs on how to buy and sell products online.

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Customer Testimonials

"You are such an inspiration and always full of encouragement, tips and a great sense of humor."
- Pam Sheffield

"After many ezines and ordering her boot camp in a box, I have quit my JOB and do eBay full time. In 3 months, I have made more money than I did last year working for 8 months. I owe a lot of this to Lynn!"
- Sherry, February 12, 2009

"Her streamlined method, sincere, caring, positive attitude and Queen's Court, e-zines, teleseminars, and DVDs have helped me to get to where I am and give me hope for a bright future."
- Jude, March 10, 2009

"I learned so much!!! Your class is invaluable! You delivered EVERYTHING you promised - actually you OVER delivered!"
- Cathi Adams, FL

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