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summer safari
Downloadable Video: $47.00

Summer Safari

The next video in our series is here, it is called Summer Safari and the footage is fun and informative. It is an hour and a half of footage showing how we streamline our day-to-day tasks to help you be just as efficient!

In this video we will show you a typical Monday. The WORST day of the week (by far) since most eBay sellers take a break from all the paperwork and details starting Friday around noon and don’t get back to it again until Monday.

We take this break so that we can actually focus on sourcing and listing, because as a Top Rated Seller (TRS) we are required to ship within one business day. Starting Friday about noon, you aren’t required to ship again until Monday.

In this video, you will learn:

  • How to Check Emails and Scan for Problems
  • How to Answer Questions
  • Why You Should Email Buyers of Items with Defects
  • How to Have Fun Checking Your Listings—Watchers? Bids?
  • How to Pull your iSell Sheets from Closed Auctions
  • Why You Should Price Your Unsold Items High
  • How High Should You Price those Unsold Auction Items
  • Why You Should Put Your Pull Sheets in Order Before Finding Sold Items
  • How to Quickly Pull Items for Shipping
  • How to Respond to Your Best Offers

All of these tips and tricks will help YOU save time with the details. And we all know, Time = Money.

Since not everyone is able to attend my few & far between live events, it is my hope that these training videos will keep you all updated and knowledgeable.

Summer Safari is available for online viewing or download NOW. Order your copy of our new Summer Safari video. Happy Trails!

Downloadable Video: $47.00