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Hi there! I am pleased to invite you
into my inner circle - The Queen's Court

Membership Only $29.95/mo (buy via credit card)

Membership Only $29.95/mo (buy via PayPal)

"Join this Exciting Proven Program (we are celebrating the beginning of our 8th year!) and Get Intense Doses of My Inspiration, Motivation, and eBay Success Secrets Each Month via Phone, and internet. Read on to Get the Full Scoop...and Wait 'til You See What all I'm Giving You!"

Dear Fellow eBayer:

Over the past ten years I've been getting the same request from many of you.

You would like my eBay advice and inspiration available whenever you want it and actually what you want is more direct access to me. I did not do a personalized mentoring program before the Queen’s Court because it would have just been too expensive. But you still want to have your questions answered and to know that someone out there is rooting for you and believes in you.

And that is how we came up with the Queen’s Court back in July of 2007. This private inner circle that gives you ME on a regular basis, but is still affordable.

So my brother and I brainstormed the Queen’s Court where I can share...

  • the eBay strategies and business plan that I personally use to generate an average of $8,333.33 every month using eBay to sell unique one-of-a-kind items
  • this information coming to you on a consistent basis, in a clear, simple way
  • frequent doses of inspiration and motivation, and finally
  • the Mastermind experience, so that you all, along with myself, can interact, network, and brainstorm with each other.

My super special inner circle... The Queen's Court!

  • LIVE Monthly Question and Answer with the Queen!
  • Online Digital Audio Recordings of each and every call via live streaming or MP3 download.
  • Private Online Access to the Inner Circle for networking, brainstorming and making great business contacts.
  • Access to Lynn’s Antiques & Collectibles Knowledge, giving member’s insider information about items they will be selling on eBay.
  • Access to an “Ask Lynn” forum thread where you can ask 3 questions per month
  • An extra 15% off of all of my products (live events and QC membership excluded)
  • A Super Special Surprise Bonus once a quarter!

The surprise bonus will come four times a year.

As some examples, it could be a bonus teleseminar, a chance to meet me in person, or a special gift sent to you in the mail. It has become a Christmas tradition that each year I send out a wrapped gift that is an item we have learned about during the year that you are actually encouraged to sell on eBay. One year it was a book, once it was a plush animal, another year it was a piece of jewelry and this year it will be...well you will have to join the Queen’s Court to find out what that gift was . One of my QCers sold her plush Christmas gift for over $75.00. What a great gift!

Remember, as a member of The Queen's Court you are going to be treated differently--and by that I mean Special. You are in my inner circle and I TAKE GOOD CARE of my inner circle!

Are you Interested?

I hope so, many others have already joined the group and we'd love to have you.

Membership Only $29.95/mo

Membership Only $29.95/mo (buy via PayPal)