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Here we are at the 2008 La Quinta Live Boot Camp

This is a true HANDS on WORKSHOP, geared ONLY to serious eBay Sellers, entrepreneurs, and want-to-be PowerSellers.

You are invited to the Queen of Auctions' 3-Day LIVE Boot Camp!!

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In three days next August, I will share with you exactly how to build a successful online eBay business that generates up to $100,000+ annually. Whether you're an experienced eBay seller or a novice, if you want to succeed in the shortest time possible, this is the course for you. My proven system allows you to build a MONEY MAKING eBay business in less time AND avoid many of the common pitfalls sellers make.

This is an actual hands-on experience. I expect you to do real work and list with my help and guidance. In addition, Mo, Carmen, and my brother are there to assist. It really brings it all together. You visit garage sales or thrift stores which is also a very valuable experience.

At my live event you will have the opportunity to spend time with me and my staff and make new friends. AND, it is a life-changing event for many of my Boot Campers!

This is your invitation to join us at my ONLY eBay Boot Camp of 2009 - August 28th, 29th and 30th, 2009 in La Quinta, California.

Don't wait to register. I am accepting less than 25 registrations TOTAL and I expect this Boot Camp to completely sell out. We have already sold most of the seats so don't delay!

During my Boot Camp you will not just learn, you will do! Prepare yourself for many 'aha!' moments as your eBay learning turns into eBay practices. Practices that will save you time and make you money!

Reserve Your Spot Now!

Sign Up in 3 Easy Payments