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Downloadable Video: $39.00

Lets Make a Deal

I am very excited to announce that we have RE-recorded my presentation from eBay Radio!

Since it wasn’t recorded live we have reproduced it so that it will play as a downloadable video on your computer where you will be able to watch the 40 different PowerPoint slides as Indy, Mo and I talk you through my presentation.

We will also include my handout of the ten things you must do to increase your eBay business (it is the heart of my presentation and my business model).

This presentation was the Queen’s Court Summer Gift. If you are a Queen’s Court Member, you should have already received this in an email. For those of you who aren’t QC members, you don’t have to miss out.

Check out this email I just received from Jackie..."Hi Lynn! Loved the "Lets Make a Deal" video. Thank you so much!"

And this email from Joyce... "I thought your video presentation was fantastic, great job. Look forward to receiving more tips. Many Thanks, Joyce"

The 55-minute presentation is broken down into 3 parts or 3 different doors (Just like in the Let’s Make a Deal TV Show.)

  • Door #1: My eBay Success—we will discuss my 4 top selling categories and why you MUST be selling items in these categories.
  • Door #2: 10 Easy Steps to YOUR eBay Success—The steps you need to take NOW to increase your eBay business before we head into the most profitable 4th Quarter of selling.
  • Door #3: Let’s Make eBay Deals with Best Offer—We go through 6 of my items and show you why and how I decide to take a best offer or not.

Let’s Make an eBay Deal is available for immediate download and purchase NOW.

P.S. Even one thing that you learn can more than pay for this new presentation.

P.P.S. The 10 Things you must do on a consistent basis to increase your eBay sales can be found in this new teaching tool.

Downloadable Video: $39.00