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The Queen of Auctions, One On One Training

The Queen's Court

Join this Exciting New Program and Get Intense Doses of My Inspiration, Motivation, and eBay Success Secrets Each Month via Phone, Internet and by regular old fashioned Mail!

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Consult with Lynn Dralle, The Queen of Auctions, by Telephone

Do you want personalized consulting with The Queen of Auctions? Have your questions emailed to her prior to your appointment so that she can give you the best value for your money.

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Have Lynn Critique One of Your Auction Listings

Have Lynn critique one of your auction listings by email. This is an invaluable service. It can save you hours and hours in wasted time trying to figure out why your auction listings just don't sell.

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Saturday Garage Sale Shopping and Sunday Listing with Lynn

Want to learn from Lynn herself? Now you can enjoy two days with Lynn, from Saturday Garage Sales to Sunday postings on eBay, step by step, hands on, the best one-on-one experience you can have.

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A Weekend with Lynn

Our newest and highest tier program is officially launched. We are calling it "A Weekend at Lynn’s." This is your chance to get personalized individual attention to help you change your life and your eBay business. Since it is a new product, it can bend and change to meet your needs. Lynn will design a special weekend for you tailored to what you need to focus on in your eBay business.

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Customer Testimonials

"You are such an inspiration and always full of encouragement, tips and a great sense of humor."
- Pam Sheffield

"After many ezines and ordering her boot camp in a box, I have quit my JOB and do eBay full time. In 3 months, I have made more money than I did last year working for 8 months. I owe a lot of this to Lynn!"
- Sherry, February 12, 2009

"Her streamlined method, sincere, caring, positive attitude and Queen's Court, e-zines, teleseminars, and DVDs have helped me to get to where I am and give me hope for a bright future."
- Jude, March 10, 2009

"I learned so much!!! Your class is invaluable! You delivered EVERYTHING you promised - actually you OVER delivered!"
- Cathi Adams, FL

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We ship using the United States Postal Service and United Parcel Service. All international order will be shipped by USPS.

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We have a 15 Day Return Policy, so if you realize that you've bought the wrong product you can easily contact us and claim a full refund. Refund not available on downloadable products.