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Shipping is as Easy as ABC

Is shipping one of your biggest nightmares?

To help YOU, I decided to share all my secrets in my new video series, Shipping is as Easy as ABC. There are three parts you can watch immediately or you can download the video and watch it at your convenience. The three parts are about an hour long total. That is A LOT of shipping secrets!

Let me tell you a little bit more about the information included in “Shipping is as easy as ABC”.

In this first twelve minute section, we discuss how to set up your shipping station. We also talk about what supplies you should have on hand and exactly what you should pay for those supplies. Can you believe that my new and improved shipping station is only 9’ by 7’? I bet you have that much room somewhere in your cluttered environment to make an organized and extremely efficient shipping area! Here are Mo, Indy and I at the end of the Shipping Video Series in that small area! Amazing isn’t it?

B=Pull & Pack
In the second nearly 40-minute section, we first show how to pull your items and stage them for shipping. If you are organized (like we are), you will be able to find and pull those items quickly and be ready and raring to go to ship them. In the last part of section B, we show you how to pack those items, which boxes and materials to use, and how the pricing all works out. This is the most important part of the system.

In our final ten minutes we are ready to pick our shipper. Now that your boxes, padded mailers and Tyvek are all packed and ready to go with the buyers' names on the outside, it is time to print your labels and cover your shipping supply costs with your new and IMPROVED shipping center. Watch how I charge $70 plus to ship the items featured with an actual cost of $50. That extra $20 per day helps to pay for packing supplies and labor. BTW, there is NO such thing as FREE shipping and I highly discourage against it if you are shipping OOAK (One Of A Kind) items.

About Lynn
Lynn Dralle, The Queen of Auctions, is a third-generation antiques dealer, eBay PowerSeller, and eBay Certified Service Provider who has sold up to $20,000 a month on eBayô. She is an award-winning author who has written The 100 Best Things I've Sold on eBay (volumes 1-3), How to Sell Antiques and Collectibles on eBay...and Make a Fortune! for McGraw-Hill, and the auction tracking systems i Buy and i Sell.

Only $47.00