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Silver Value Package by The Queen of Auctions

Complete Kit Only $59.95! - You Save $14.85!

Learn All about How to Sell on eBay with the Silver Level Training Package

The Silver Level Training Package is a step above our Bronze Level Training Kit. If you’re really interested in making money on eBay, this is an excellent resource for you.

Learn how to sell on eBay with these valuable resources:

This value package includes Value
The 100 Best Things I've Sold on eBay valued at $15.95
The Unoffical Guide to Making Money on eBay valued at $18.95
"I Sell" Tracking Notebook valued at $29.95
"Trash to Cash" DVD valued at $9.95
Total Retail Value:$74.80
This complete eBay online store selling kit costs you only $59.95 – That means you save $14.85!

The 100 Best Things I’ve Sold on eBay by Lynn Dralle:

If you want to learn about finding products to sell online, this is your go-to guide. It is also an inspiring story of friendship, growth and loss. Lynn Dralle, the granddaughter of antiques dealer and larger-than-life personality Cheryl Leaf, wrote this entertaining and inspiring chronicle of her most memorable eBay adventures. You’ll learn more than how to sell on eBay successfully. This is a touching story of how Lynn grew up selling antiques and returned home to help run the family antiques store near the end of her grandmother’s life.

The Unofficial Guide to Making Money on eBay by Lynn Dralle:

Hundreds of thousands of people are currently running an eBay online store either full or part time and earning great money doing it. More than 430,000 people have turned to eBay as their primary source of income, as a hobby, as a way to get rid of some junk hiding in the closet or as a supplement to their primary income. Lynn Dralle, the “Queen of Auctions,” can teach you about making the most of your sales, finding products to sell online, listing them effectively and getting positive reviews from customers. Money-saving and moneymaking techniques such as shipping tricks and tips for selling collectibles individually are also included, as well as time saving tips for storing and staging in your home or office.

I sell on eBay - Auction Tracking for Online Sales:

One of the biggest challenges of running an eBay online store is getting and staying organized. You simply have to keep track of everything if you want to get good feedback ratings and run your business like a well-oiled machine. Making money on eBay is a breeze with this 8" x 9" three-ring binder system that includes 150 double-sided "i sell" tracking sheets, five tab dividers and instructions for keeping track of:

  • Customers taking too long to pay
  • Customers who need feedback
  • Items currently at auction
  • Items that still need descriptions and photos
  • Items being prepared or ready for auction
  • Sold items
  • Sold items that still need to be shipped
  • Winners who need emails

"Trash to Cash" DVD:

Learn how to sell on eBay by spending a day with Lynn Dralle, the “Queen of Auctions,” while she visits garage sales looking for items to sell and listing them on eBay. You will learn how to sell on eBay as you watch an expert who’s spent years making finds and multiplying her money through online auctions.

Episode One, “A Garage Sale Adventure,” takes you along with Lynn while she’s finding products to sell online at garage sales. Many of the items she leaves with are even FREE! This episode also shows you how to do research and discover what these collectibles are worth before listing them in eBay.

Episode Two, “An On-line Auction,” shows you how to sell on eBay as Lynn lists her garage sale finds on the auction site and uses her proven strategies to get top dollar. If you’ve ever been curious about making money on eBay, this will give you the insider information you’ve been looking for. Lynn even shows you how to turn $74 into $569 using the eBay online store!

Complete Kit Only $59.95! - You Save $14.85!