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The Unofficial Guide to Making Money on eBay

Book Only $18.95

More than 430,000 people run full- or part-time businesses on eBay. Whether you want to become a PowerSeller yourself, supplement an established bricks-and-mortar business, or just make some extra money by cleaning out your garage and attic, this guide will help you get your merchandise going...going...gone!

It tells you how to do everything from opening your seller's account and listing your items to collecting the payments.

Chock full of tips, techniques, and expert advice from "The Queen of Auctions," Lynn Dralle, it includes:

  • Vital Information for maximizing your sales, including the top ten eBay categories
  • Insider Secrets on acquiring merchandise, creating effective listings, earning positive feedback, and more
  • Money-Saving Techniques, including the best ways to ship various types of merchandise
  • Money-Making Techniques, such as selling collectibles individually rather than as a set
  • Time-Saving Tips, such as setting up efficient areas for staging, storage, and shipping
  • The Scoop on the latest trends, including Buy It Now sales and eBay drop-off stores

Discover the best eBay money making secrets and start selling on eBay like a pro! You’ll be buying and selling on eBay with the greatest of ease all while staying organized and watching your profits soar.

Become an eBay money making success story with The Queen of Auctions. You’ll soon discover that finding items to sell, listing, shipping, and making money on eBay is easier than you ever imagined. From cleaning out your closet to weekend garage sale, you’ll know all the best ins and outs of the best products to sell online with tips and advice from The Queen of Auctions.

Book Only $18.95