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eBay Selling Tools from The Queen of Auctions

i sell on eBay - Auction Tracking for Online Sales

Complete Kit Only $29.95

Do you sell at online auction houses like eBay? Do you find yourself writing notes on scraps of paper? Never quite sure what needs to be shipped and who needs feedback? If you answered yes, you need i sell on eBay, the best eBay auction tool to get and stay!

If this is you, you need i sell on eBay, THE BEST WAY TO GET ORGANIZED!

i sell on eBay is an 8" x 9" 3-ring binder system that comes with 150 double-sided i sell tracking sheets, 5 tab dividers and instructions. Once you have personalized your tab dividers, they will help you keep track of:

  • What items you are getting ready for auction
  • What items still need descriptions and photos
  • What items are currently up at auction
  • What items have sold
  • What winners need an email
  • What has been paid for and needs to be shipped
  • Who is taking too long to pay
  • Who needs feedback

Written record keeping is super important. Why?

1st: Good Written Records can help you acquire and maintain a high feedback rating with all of your online auctions. Buyers leave feedback comments based on the service they receive, how quickly emails are answered, how quickly items are shipped and general follow through. Using i sell sheets will help you to take care of these things in a timely manner.

2nd: Most online auction houses only keep records for 30 days. i sell sheets are necessary tools for keeping track of all of your online auctions when the computers purge your information.

3rd: i sell record keeping is super if you have more than one of these items to sell; the description is already written and you will have the auction results to know what to expect the next time. It's also great if you need to relist your item after the 30 days has passed.

4th: The i sell tool makes it easy to fill out sales and income tax forms. There is a profit/loss section on the back of each i sell page.

5th: i sell records are invaluable if a package that you have sent never arrives or is delayed. You will have all your dates of correspondence and tracking #'s at your fingertips.

6th: These records are great to use for trend analysis. Does a particular class of items get more bids in the fall or the summer? What class of items is hot on ebay now? Spot emerging trends in the records you keep.

7th: If you work at different computers or have multiple people helping with your business, the i sell journal is invaluable. With one record keeping book, all of your employees can easily find out what's been done and what needs to be done.

eBay Selling Advice

When it comes to giving advice about selling online, i sell sheets are the best eBay advice I can offer because staying organized is the number one most important part of online selling. If you can’t quickly and easily find essential information like which items you’ve already listed, descriptions, buyers, etc., you can end up wasting a lot of time. The i sell sheets are the best eBay selling tool for serious sellers. Online auction tools are a dime a dozen, but as an eBay Certified Provider and Power Seller, the Queen of Auctions put together this essential auction tool to help you get the job done.

Good record keeping takes only a little time and the benefits are enormous! Get i sell on eBay and Get Organized Today!

Complete Kit Only $29.95