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Special Report from The Queen of Auctions
Fifteen Things You Must Know and DO to Run a Successful eBay Store

Download Only $49.95

The Queen of Auctions is finally spilling the beans on how to run a successful eBay Store. Since opening her store in the early years of eBay, she has grown it from less than $100 a month in sales to an average of $2,000 to $3,000 per month. Those items that she used to donate to charity, have become the cornerstone of her very successful eBay Business.

In her special downloadable report, "The 15 Things You must Know and DO to Run a Successful eBay Store", Lynn will answer the following very important questions:

  • How do I know whether to sell my item at auction or in a store?
  • How do I price items in my eBay Store?
  • What features should I use for your store items?
  • How long should an item be listed for sale in a store?
  • Should I have a basic, featured or anchor store?
  • How do I know if I am ready to open a store?
  • How many items should I have to open my store and how many should always be listed?
  • Should my store have a special banner?
  • How do I make the banner?
  • What banner features should I be using?
  • Are there any special tricks I can use to drive more traffic to my eBay store?
  • What are internal store categories and are they useful?
  • How can I increase my current store sales?
  • What sells the best in an eBay store?
  • Should I list multiple items in a dutch auction or other format in my eBay store?

This very special report is an electronic pdf file. Just one of Lynn's tips could make you back your purchase price!

Download Only $49.95