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eBay Selling Tools from The Queen of Auctions

Refill Pages for i Sell Tracking Notebooks

150 Sheets $14.95
900 Sheets $69.95

Please note, due to the cost of shipping this item, we are unable to ship outside of the USA.

Do you waste too much time keeping track of your online auction information on a daily basis? Are you looking for an online auction tool to help you keep track of all your auctions, sales and purchases? The i sell tracking notebook from The Queen of Auctions is one of the best tools to help you make the most money selling on eBay.

The i sell on eBay is an 8" x 9" 3-ring binder system that comes with 150 double-sided i sell tracking sheets, 5 tab dividers and instructions. This auction tool will help you stay organized and efficient. No more notes written on scraps of papers or reminders left on sticky notes. With The Queen of Auctions’ i sell system, you’ll be power selling and bringing in higher profits in no time.

Once you have personalized your binder’s tab dividers, they will help you keep track of:

  • What items you are getting ready for auction
  • What items still need descriptions and photos
  • What items are currently up at auction
  • What items have sold
  • What winners need an email
  • What has been paid for and needs to be shipped
  • Who is taking too long to pay
  • Who needs feedback

eBay Selling Advice

Stop wasting time trying to remember which items need feedback, rewriting descriptions for items you sell in multiples, or any other number of tasks that can easily be streamlined with eBay auction tools from The Queen of Auctions. The i sell refill pages will not only help you stay organized, you’ll see your productivity increase too; and the more you sell the bigger your profit. So make an investment in your eBay selling business with i sell binder and refill sheets.

Most online auction houses only keep records for 30 days. So what happens when your information is purged from the system? Don’t lose track or forget any sales, i sell sheets will help you keep track of what needs feedback and follow up, in addition to tons of other necessary information. The refill sheets are essential eBay selling tools for keeping your online seller business profitable and efficient.

Please note, due to the cost of shipping this item, we are unable to ship outside of the USA.

150 Sheets $14.95
900 Sheets $69.95