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Lynn Answers Questions About Ending eBay Auctions


What time of day or day of week should you end your auction? Does it matter?
- Peter G., Albuquerque, NM

My Response:

Thanks for the question, Peter.

I think time of day does matter. It has been proven that the day of week doesn't really matter as much. Keep in mind that what matters most is who is watching that particular week or who is looking for what you have that week.

I have relisted and relisted and found that everything matters on just finding two people who want your item more than anything!! If you can get a bidding war going---that's all it takes to get top dollar. Now back to your question.

A study was done by Wood and Kauffman who looked at coin auctions on eBay between 1999 and 2001. They found that articles that sold on a weekend, tended to go for about 2 % more than those that closed on a weekday. Not enough to make a difference.

As far as time of day is concerned, keep in mind that eBay is west coast time. You don't want to end a great auction at 10 pm west coast time if your biggest clientele is in New York City -- it would be 1 am for them. I have been yelled at by faithful eBay customers for ending auctions too late on the east coast. Do keep in mind that your marketplace is international and although it may be late at night in New York it could be morning in Sri Lanka.

The bottom line is, again, all you need is two people who really want your product. Remember though, that even with the world as our marketplace, most of your sales will come from the United States. We sell about 70% to the US and 30% overseas. Not enough to change our strategy.

Thanks for the question and let me know if you find out something different!

Thanks. Lynn

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