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Lynn Answers Questions About Return Policies


Hi Lynn,

What is your opinion about return policies? We don't use one and luckily have not had many returns. But we keep wondering if using one would increase bids (or if our excellent feedback is enough). Ebay recommends using one - but we are afraid that it might encourage those bidders who seem to enjoy bidding and changing their minds. Do you always refund shipping both ways? (except for your example where the lady offered to pay herself.)

We also do not list shipping cost since we dislike the overcharging that this can create. We prefer to quote to a buyers location. Would be interested in your opinion on this policy also? We usually put a line in our auction that they can send us their address for a shipping quote - so they know before they bid.

Thanks, Cathy & Jerry S.
- Ebay ID: jrzdvl

My Response:

Hi Cathy and Jerry,

Thanks for reading the article. You ask really good questions. I will not quote a return policy because too many bidders like to change their mind and it gives them an out. I usually only take returns if it was my mistake and then I do pay the shipping both ways. It happens so rarely that it is not a major issue.

Quoting shipping for each individual item is not a good use of your time. We ship about 100 things each week and if we had to stop and quote actual shipping that would entail an additional 3-4 hours in wasted time.

Also, there is nothing wrong with charging an extra $1 or $2 to cover your packing supplies. Boxes, tape and packing peanuts are expensive. I know that I can ship a small package for about $6 by ups. I say $8 or $9 shipping, handling and insurance. That extra money also goes to pay my assistant who works 30 hours for me each week shipping & answering questions.

It is very rare that someone complains about our shipping price. It is still quite low. Have you seen what major websites charge for shipping? The Disney store charges $15 on a $50 order. My shipping prices are very reasonable.

Thanks again.

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