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How to Sell Antiques and Collectibles on eBay -
And Make a Fortune!

Book Only $16.95

Co-written by Antique Expert, Lynn Dralle and eBay Guru Dennis Prince for McGraw-Hill.

Lynn Dralle is an eBay Certified Provider and Power Seller, and she knows the antique and dinnerware business. Selling collectibles, flatware and dinnerware pieces are the cornerstone of her online eBay business and now she’s sharing her secrets with you.

If you’ve ever thought about using your eBay store to sell antiques online, or wondered how to sell antique dinnerware to make the highest profit, Lynn’s provides all the information you’ll need. Every year more than 22 million people browse and buy antiques and collectibles on eBay. In order to reach this growing market and successfully sell antiques online, and get top dollar for your merchandise, you need the right listing, the perfect presentation, and two of the world's leading eBay experts to answer all your questions--fast. Lynn shares advice, answers questions, and more; from selling collectible plates to pieces of furniture, you’ll be an expert antique seller in no time.

Lynn’s knowledge of the antique business is extensive. Lynn spent years running an antique store with her grandmother, where she learned all the ins and outs. When Lynn’s grandmother got sick and they needed to raise a lot of money quickly, Lynn decided to try to sell antiques online. Within one month she had generated more money than the store usually made in an entire year. Thus began Lynn’s successful eBay career as, The Queen of Auctions.

How to Sell Antiques and Collectibles on eBay...and Make a Fortune! gives you insider tips on untapped selling opportunities in this popular category including: buying tips for building your inventory; expert advice on evaluating the condition and appraising the value of your antiques and collectibles; proven ways to target customers; clear instruction on how to navigate the eBay network to sell antiques online and make it work for you; quick answers to questions about start-up costs, taxes, and legal issues; and reliable key words, descriptions, and images that will make your listings stand out and get results.

  • List items on eBay for maximum visibility
  • How and where to sell antique dinnerware
  • Selling collectible plates
  • Use antiques trade lingo to get the highest bids
  • Find, appraise, and buy the five hottest categories
  • Use your eBay store to attract customers
  • Create a selling strategy that fits your market
  • Handle, store, and ship fragile merchandise
  • Price strategically for the eBay market
Book Only $16.95