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Money Making Madness
More 100 Best Things I've Sold on eBay

Book Only $11.95

If you’re looking for inspiration, entertainment, and great online auction tips, check out the 2nd installment in Lynn’s 100 Best Things I've Sold on eBay series.

“Money Making Madne$$” continues the story of Lynn’s success and adventures while making money on eBay. This volume includes new eBay tips relevant to sellers, like Lynn’s advice for finding products to sell online, as well as more wisdom about both business and life from Lynn's grandmother, Cheryl Leaf.

Lynn’s online auction tips are great for sellers of all levels. “Making Money Madness” continues to prove that when Lynn says finding products to sell online can happen just about anywhere, she isn’t kidding. From dining room chairs purchased at a garage sale to a doll she bought in a local shop, Lynn has seen and sold it all!

Check out what people have said about Lynn’s writing and tips for selling on eBay:

When I started reading The 100 Best Things I've Sold on eBay, I carried it everywhere with me! I just couldn't put it down! I was addicted!

--Cherie Castro, Yakima, WA

Your books have changed my life... I realize how many habits I've picked up from you and I am positive that your influence has helped to make our business the success that it is.

--Kelli Ables, Bristow, OK

I appreciate how candid you are in sharing information treated as "Top Secret" by other successful sellers.

--Willow Eaton, Port Orchard, WA

I was genuinely touched by the stories you shared of your grandmother. Thank you for motivating me, for inspiring me, and for giving me "goosebumps"!

--Wendy Hanlin, Alexandria, VA

In “Money Making Madness” Lynn shows you just how easy it is to start making money on eBay. Finding products to sell online is as simple as spring cleaning or perusing your neighborhood garage sales. The best part of Lynn’s “100 Best series” is that Lynn tells you where she regularly shops for products and also about the surprise finds she’s come across while on vacation or just out and about. The number one thing Lynn always tells eBay skeptics is that finding products to sell online really is as easy as just cleaning out your closet. You don’t need items that are rare or in mint condition. For many people it isn’t the actual value of an item, it’s the sentiment; and you’ll soon see that there’s a buyer for everything!

With more than 11 years in the eBay business, Lynn Dralle knows what it takes to be a successful eBay seller. As a Certified Provider and Power Seller, Lynn is ready to share everything she knows about making money on eBay and all of her best online auction tips to help you get started. Lynn’s books not only provide great tips for selling on eBay, she also shares the stumbling blocks that she faced when she first started out and how you can avoid them. Don’t forget to check out Lynn’s patented iSell products designed to help you stay organized and efficient while you’re making money on eBay!

Book Only $11.95