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Home Run!
The 4th 100 Best Things I've Sold on eBay

Book Only $15.95

Lynn Dralle, The Queen of Auctions, hits one out of the park with the fourth book in her 100 Best Things I've Sold on eBay series. Drawing from tens of thousands of her top selling products on eBay, a decade of eBay experience, and the wisdom of her beloved grandmother, Lynn puts together a roster of stories that will teach, inspire and entertain her readers!

Home Run on Audio Book from eBay Master Lynn Dralle

The eagerly anticipated Fourth volume, "Home Run" in the 100 Best Things I've Sold on eBay series is here on Six Audio CDs! You'll be hooked by Lynn's engaging stories of her most interesting eBay transactions and top selling products.

You will be able to listen and learn in your car or on your iPod as the eBay master shares her secrets! While many marvel at the prices people will pay for the strangest things on eBay, Lynn understands that for many it is because of an emotional connection with the object up for auctions. It is that connection that makes for the entertaining, touching, and inspiring stories of her eBay adventures; and some of her best online auction tips.

Hear Lynn read her stories with additional information on her top selling products, not included in the book. She will elaborate on the items sold and tell you how the side photo ties into the story.

This is what readers have to say about Lynn's books:

I appreciate not only your enthusiasm for what you do but your advice. You have renewed my passion for eBay!
--Trish Clark Prince George, BC, Canada

I've learned so much from you! Everything you've created - and I mean everything - has been of tremendous help to me.
--Susan Kilpatrick Oklahoma City, OK

I've taught my own eBay course since 2006. I carry four of your fabulous books with me to every class and pass them around to inspire my students!
--Bonnie D. Graham Great Neck, New York

"I do have good things to say about the audio book! I listen it and to my Queen's Court CDs all the time when I'm in my warehouse and shipping areas. They keep me inspired and moving forward. I love the stories of individual items...Scores! That helps me when I'm out shopping, to keep an eye peeled for the good stuff! Thanks...."
-- Sally K., Washington D.C.

"I limit myself to reading just one story a day to stretch the book out. Hurry, Hurry with the next one!"
--Diane Heffernan, Mullica Hill, NJ

"I can't even begin to tell you how much your book and tools are helping me!!"
--Carla Stevens, Fruitport, MI

"I have all your books and I call you my hero."
--Joan Clard, Pittsburgh, PA

Sometimes the best products to sell online are the least expected ones. One of Lynn’s favorite online auction tips is that you don’t have to sell your own personal items; people will buy just about anything. So whether you’re passing a garage sale or strolling through a flea market, there’s always something to be sold online. For more great auctions tips like finding the best products to sell online, check out Lynn’s eBay Auction Tools.
Book Only $15.95