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Dinnerware to Dollars

Wouldn't you like to sell $150 worth of Dinnerware every day?

1-Payment - $179
3-Payments - $60/ea

One of our newest teaching tools, Dinnerware to Dollars, has already helped many of you be successful selling dinnerware! The most common question I receive about this four part teleseminar is this…..

I just read your ezine (great as usual by the way), and have a question about the new dinnerware teleseminars. I have a copy of your dinnerware eBook (which has helped me incredibly), and was wondering what is the difference between the teleseminar and the eBook?

My dinnerware eBook, Dinnerware Success, is our best selling and most helpful tool of all times (many of you own it) and I am so very happy that it has done so much to increase your bottom line profits. I can't believe that I started writing it in 2010 and this is the Dinnerware Success eBook's five year anniversary! Yippeee for dinnerware!

I had been thinking about doing an update to the dinnerware eBook for the quite some time. Every time I started to edit the original work, I realized that it is an excellent research and informational guide and it does NOT need to be changed. Most of the information in it is timeless and still valid. I am pleased that I wrote this book!

eBay will constantly change (as we all know too well ) and trying to keep up with them and their continual evolution by rewriting the dinnerware eBook, didn’t make sense.

I finally realized that the way to address the eBay changes as they stand now in 2015 would be to teach what is relevant today (as opposed to five years ago) and this was best handled with an audio discussion. With a four-part teleseminar series we were able to field questions as we went. It will be like being in the trenches with me and Mo, but now it is five years later .

Some of the major changes to my system of listing and selling dinnerware that has evolved and improved over the past five years include CHANGES to:

  • Brands to always buy
  • Tricky brands
  • Brands to never buy
  • Research and new sources for doing so
  • How to structure and strategize your listings (this has completely changed)…Markdown Manager, Best Offer, etc.
  • How our dinnerware selling strategy has changed with eBay's new defect policy
  • Shipping pricing, materials and methods

Think of it as an updated companion workbook to the dinnerware eBook, but it is audio instead of the written word.

The reason I keep pushing dinnerware (remember, I am Lynn “Dishes” Dralle) is because it is a big reason for my eBay success. As I have said before, it is my bread and butter! I sold $13,566.83 of dinnerware in the last three months on eBay. That is a lot of bread AND butter. $4,522 in 30 days.

That translates to $150 a day of dinnerware that I sell on eBay. And I only pay about 10% of my selling price when I’m buying merchandise to sell.

The price for Dinnerware to Dollars is about what I sell in a day on eBay in dinnerware. You will have immediate access to the 4 recorded 70 minutes teleseminars plus an accompanying slide show. Mo and I will go over the major changes from the past five years and also answer student’s questions regarding these changes.

All of the calls in our Dinnerware to Dollars series have taken place. Yipppeeee! And they were AWESOME. The best news is that they were recorded for you to learn at your leisure. This training series turned out to be more than I even imagined it could be! Now’s the time for you to join in and

reap the benefits of adding this awesome profit center to your eBay business.

Check out some of the comments I received:

“Great Calls! Today I went to Goodwill with your list – Must Buy, Maybe, Tricky and Never. It cut my shopping time in half in the dish aisle. Thanks!” -Staci

“Hi Lynn, Not to be overly dramatic, but I love you!! I bought your latest dinnerware series. I’ve been listening to the recorded versions as I drive around doing my errands. In the first call (which is the only one I’ve listen to so far) you mentioned a special brand. It really stuck in my head because you made a funny joke about it. You told us to go out as a homework assignment and find stuff. I went to my local Salvation Army and I was able to find three of this designer’s salad plates. I paid $2.50 each and replacements shows them at $79.99 each. Woo hoo!! I have effectively paid for your series by listening to the first phone call only one time. You are an absolute genius! Loving dinnerware! -Chris Messina”

“Lynn – I have to tell you I just listened to the first three calls and I have learned so much more than I could have imagined! I was skeptical that it wouldn’t be worth the money, but the printable lists alone are GOLD! I have already bought two sets of dinnerware that I wouldn’t have even looked at before! Thanks! -Cheri Read”

“Lynn – Dinnerware 2 Dollars was your best seminar ever! I was unsure about the format, but the web notes and teleseminar format worked great together. I learned so much (as always) and your handouts and links are (as always) worth the price of the seminar! You share so much about running a business – the shipping chart will keep me busy updating listings for weeks! I am reinvigorated with dinnerware as a category. Thank you for providing this powerful resource for eBayers who sell china. Thanks for a great time and fun learning experience. -Kathryn Dokas”

“Dear Lynn - I have been wanting to share this with you since the calls but I have been so busy looking for dinnerware I think I am obsessed. I purchased a small clump of Mikasa dinnerware for $8.00 at the thrift store. They sold last week for over $300.00. Over a 4000% return on investment thanks to the “Dralle Method” of doing business. Can’t wait to consistently increase my income because I want to join your Queens Court. Thanks again for sharing your experience with us…..I love that there is enough to go around for all of us so we can be a team. -Debbie Leach, OHIO. PS…..I have changed my shipping costs! PPS….I am now listing at auction as suggested to recoup my investment!….You Rock!”

Call #1

We discussed Research and Pricing in this call and I show you how Replacements has changed.

Here is a photo of the dinnerware I bought in anticipation of that first call. I show you how I researched it and how and why it was listed the way it was.

I wonder what you think I paid for this table of dishes? I wonder how much you would have paid?. To get immediate access to these calls.

The Final Three Calls

In the final three calls, we focused on….

  • Where to buy?
  • How to figure out price to pay?
  • Updates to Replacements
  • Glass dinnerware
  • Repurposing sets
  • Let’s take a look at YOUR listings & help you tweak them
  • Updates to ‘Always, Tricky and Never Buy Brands’
  • Working around eBay’s new defect policy

Once you sign up, you will receive an email with immediate access.

P.S. This series will provide you with information and answers that can help you to make money!

P.P.S. This teleseminar series is an investment in you and your business. It is also a tax-deductible business expense (as always, check with your accountant.).

P.P.P.S. This information would be a bargain at three times the price! This is full of experience gained over a lifetime. Reserve your place today!

1-Payment - $179
3-Payments - $60/ea