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This is an exclusive invitation for you from Lynn Dralle -- successful entrepreneur, award winning author, The Queen of Auctions and long-time eBay GOLD PowerSeller...

Join in Live Boot Camp 2011
From your own home!!!

La Quinta 2011 is NOW
included in our Boot Camp in a Box!!

That's right! Boot Camp in a Box now includes Live Boot Camp 2011 footage from our recent event - with information on the latest eBay changes since last year (changes to Top Rated Seller, no more PowerSeller, DSRs, Best Match, the list goes on...) For those who couldn't make it to Live Boot Camp this year, Live Boot Camp will come to you.

In my live three-day Boot Camps I give away ALL of my secrets for running my six-figure eBay business from home. The bad news is, only a limited number of people are able to attend because there is only ONE Live Boot Camp each year.

What a great time to purchase! You will receive the video of our Live Boot Camp 2011, plus the goodies listed below.

Get a peek at what you can expect from the Boot Camp 2011 footage here.

Most people who give seminars won't sell their video at any price, just audio. They want you to attend their seminars in person. Well, I want you to be successful on eBay, so I am offering the newest video from my 2011 La Quinta event with your purchase of Boot Camp in a Box.

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Have you ever wanted to take control of your own destiny, be your own boss, make a great living and spend quality time with your family and friends? Does this sound too good to be true? Well, I promise you it isn't and if you will give me just a few minutes of your time I'd like to explain how.

In my latest eBay Boot Camp in a Box I teach you exactly how to build a successful eBay business that generates up to $100,000+ annually.

Whether you're an experienced eBay seller or a novice, if you want to succeed in the shortest time possible, this course that we have put together is for you. My proven system allows you to build a MONEY MAKING eBay business in less time AND avoid many of the common pitfalls sellers make.

My success was no accident...It has taken me eight years to perfect my system and hit the six-figure sales level on eBay. I've done it and so can you. And now I'm doing the unthinkable -- I am sharing all of my secrets - step by step, in my 2011 La Quinta eBay Boot Camp in a Box!

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is the bonus $397 Gift Bag.

Remember what Patti Rose said at LAX Boot Camp? 

Patti said at the LAX Boot Camp, 'The Bonus Gift Bag has just set me up in business--You have thought of everything!' It has taken Carmen, Mo, and me over a month to gather all the tools that I use on a daily and weekly basis and to get these gift bags ready to ship with eBay Boot Camp in a Box.

 It will be just like you were walking into
the classroom when you receive
Boot Camp in a Box
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This is what Diva Dawn had to say
after Live Boot Camp 2010:

Hi Lynn,

I wanted a chance to say "Thank You" for Boot Camp - yet again! It was amazingly different from all the others, and filled with so much fun and inspiration that I can't begin to thank you enough for taking the time to put it together this year. You must be exhausted with all your traveling this year, and yet you are preparing for another trip tomorrow, this time to San Jose. I can't begin to imagine what a crazy summer this must have been for you!

You guys are the best ... I will miss all of you until next we meet. Bill is talking, yet again, about how he'd love to live in Palm Springs ...

Please thank your mom, Carmen, Debra, Mo, Lee, Houston and Indiana for me (and Jason!)  You are all AWESOME!


Diva Dawn, Las Vegas, California

I am so excited about this year's Live Boot Camp. We addressed the latest eBay changes, ways to diversify your eBay business, new ideas to grow your business and don't forget that we had SPECIAL Live Guest Speakers.

To see the new revised schedule, click here. We added even more great lessons to our already jam-packed itinerary.

Check out this roster (in addition to Mo, my Mom, Lee, Carmen & Deborah)...

Mandy (Mandycrafts) is a teddy bear and Steiff expert. I am thrilled that she agreed to teach. She spoke for 30 minutes on how to tell if a bear is mohair, and old, collectible brands, some identification tips when there aren't labels, condition issues & what to look for and/or avoid? When and how to clean bears and where to find them.

Diva Dawn (DivaDawnLV) spoke about Lilliput Lane cottages. She is a wealth of information about her little Lilliput Lane cottages, and it is a wonderful narrow niche. 

Nancy Nelson discussed ephemera. Ephem-a-what? you may be asking. Ephemera is the upper crust word for paper goods. Nancy showed us many wonderful examples. Too fun!

I received this email from one of my Boot Camp in a Box customers:

Hi Lynn and others,

I had an epiphany this morning and had to write and tell you about it  and thank you for all you have done for me personally.

I had asked for the super positive pep talk on the December  teleseminar call because my 4th quarter sales were down from last  year. And you did not fail me, I remained positive and listed, listed,  and listed some more.

My January sales have been great. But I was checking my dashboard this morning, and I looked at the  PowerSeller status section. I don't believe I had wandered into that  territory before, but I was a little concerned that due to the low 4th quarter sales I could be in danger of losing my PowerSeller status.

Well, there is a statistic there that shows sales for the previous year (2007) and the sales for the most current (2008). My sales for  2007 were $12,000 and the sales for 2008 were $19,700+. Since math is  NOT my strong suit I had to struggle to figure what the percentage  increase was. And correct me if I am wrong, but it looks to me to be a  60% increase!! Now, hmmmmmm... I then went and checked my records. When did I buy  that Boot Camp in a Box and actually watch it? Lo and behold, it was  early 2007. And I became a charter member of the Queen's Court in July 2007. Coincidence? I think not.

So, thanks are due all the way around. To all of your staff and family. And finally to Lynn, without whom I personally would not have the courage to do this full time. My triumphs are  shared with you, and when you stumble, I learn. When I stumble I learn too, but have the courage to keep going. So thank you, thank you, thank you all. If I have missed anyone, my  apologies. Here's to an even better 2009.

Elizabeth S.,

If you are ready to order now, click here.

Emails like this give me goosebumps and help me to see just how powerful the experience of learning the Dralle Method is!

Here we are at the 2010 La Quinta Live Boot Camp


From the desk of: Lynn A. Dralle, The Queen of Auctions, Palm Desert, California

Are you an eBay seller who.....

  • Spends countless hours a week on eBay and barely (or never) makes a real profit?
  • Never seems to attain the six-figure income you desire?
  • Can't figure out how to find, list and manage 100-200 unique items each week quickly and easily?

Or, are you an eBay Buyer or Want-to-be eBay entrepreneur who.....

  • Is tired of working for someone else -- spending all your energy and talent making them money?
  • Wants to fire their boss?
  • Has recently been laid off due to the economy?

Have you ever wished you had a successful mentor and champion to guide you? One who consistently sells six figures a year on eBay? An eBayer who still lists 100 new items each week and truly understands where you are and what you're trying to do?

Then I have exactly what you are looking for! And I am ready to help YOU. Purchase eBay Boot Camp in a Box NOW!

This is what Pam had to say
after Live Boot Camp 2009:

Hi Lynn!

Just wanted to let you know that I have been selling like MAD on eBay! Items are flying off the shelves and stuff I've had in my store for ages is finally selling! I am listing like housecleaning going on around here! :) Thanks for being such an inspiration! I've put all your teachings to good use and have benefited greatly from them! I quote you daily to my husband..."you know, Lynn said that... and "Lynn says that if you...." He is getting tired of hearing about you!! :)) BUT, he is not tired of all the money that is coming in from my increase in sales! I've changed to shipping worldwide and get numerous inquiries every week from buyers in other countries and have shipped quite a few items to different parts of the world! It's been amazing what has happened with my sales the last several weeks and I owe a lot of my success to you; although I have to say that I am working AWFULLY hard to get where I am right now! :)

Here is my find of the week...I had to go to my Mom's last weekend to care for her in Santa Barbara while the caregiver was 'trick or treating' :)) and I stopped in Oxnard at a fav thrift store...found another Mickey Bear...just listed him tonight and already have 5 is the item #: 150386623839...I paid $1.99 for him!

[As of 11/9/09, Pam's bear is up to $199 with three days left!]

As Mo would say, SCORE!

Thanks again, Lynn!

Pam :) aka The Queen of Deals

Pam C., Los Angeles, California

You might wonder why I would be willing to share my system with you -- especially since I am still actively selling on eBay. It's easy, you see...

"I used to be just like you"

Ten years ago when I started selling on eBay, it would take me 40 hours to list 40 items. My grandmother who I just adored needed nursing home care. She owned her own antique store for years and I decided to try and sell items from her store and her personal collection to cover the costs.  It was a do or die situation -- we just had to have that cash flow.

Right from the start my life was consumed by eBay. I could never take a break, even for a day, much less a vacation. If I took a week off, our income stopped. If I didn't check the computer every hour, I could miss out on a sale.

Our income stream was pretty good most of the time, but it really varied from month to month. Some months we were flush and other months there wasn't enough money coming in to pay my grandmother's nursing home bills. Those were the months that I would work 60 hours a week trying to catch up. I rarely got to spend time with my two children (and they were little then--only four and two.)

It was no way to live!

I couldn't believe my situation -- not only was I an expert in antiques, I had an MBA from one of the most prestigious universities in the country. Yet there I was, struggling to make it on eBay without letting it consume my life. Still, eBay was all I could think about!

I was so stressed that I ran myself ragged -- staying up very late every night listing on eBay. I never took time for myself and my health started to suffer. I developed high blood pressure and my doctor thought it was serious enough to put me on medication.

Something had to change - It just wasn't worth it.

Look at my life today ....

Today, my eBay business brings in $150,000 a year and I only spend 15 hours a week on it.

Hi, Lynn. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your secrets in Boot Camp in a Box. For the past 6 weeks, I've been listening to and watching your CDs and DVDs constantly. In the first quarter of 2007, I was barely making the minimum $1000/month to keep my PowerSeller status. Well, I just got my April sales report, and in the first 5 weeks since I've implemented what you've taught me, my gross sales total over $4000!!! I've only spent about 15 hours per week on my eBay biz since I have a full time job and another part-time job. I hope to get to your monthly sales goal real soon and change all that. Thanks a bunch!
-John K. Lee, Phoenixville, PA

In the last two years, my eBay business has never dipped below $6,000 per month and I often have months over the $10,000 mark!  This is all done with selling unique, one-of-a-kind items that generate very high profit margins -- all from the comfort of my own home.

It is an incredible feeling. I struggled for so long to make it work thinking that it would always be that way, when suddenly.....


...the system became clear to me. That's when my time became manageable. The cash started pouring in.

Get it NOW, Click here.

The income from my eBay system has truly been a Godsend. By spending only 15 hours a week on my core business, I have been able to use the other 25 hours of my work week to branch out and work on other projects. I now have multiple streams of income that have allowed me to realize my dreams. For example, I can now:

  • Take wonderful vacations with my family.

  • Go on weekend getaways to nice resorts every other month.

  • Take better care of myself with a personal trainer and housekeeper.

  • Give to charities--Toys for tots is my number one. Christmas is my favorite celebration and to imagine a child without one present breaks my heart. I was given the Toys for Tots Platinum award for the past several years.

  • Help out family members in need. A family member had some of their utilities shut off and I was able to get them turned back on.

  • And most important of all, I get to do what I want when I want! I am my own boss and life is wonderful.

My family (Mom, brother, my two kids and I)
on a Disney Cruise.

I was given a Toys for Tots Platinum award.

Peter and I in the Cayman Islands in 2007. I was able to go on vacation and still have my eBay auctions and store items generate $1,878 during that week--all because of the Dralle Method! Life is excellent!

To order NOW, Click here.

I am not telling you these things to brag. I am telling you this so that you can see what is possible. That dreams really do come true. Mine did and Yours can too!

Here I am featured in the September 2006
Good Housekeeping. They call my work a
"Dream Job" and it truly is.
It can be your DREAM JOB also!

Right now I bet you are thinking, "How did she do it?" You might even be excited to learn how YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

I have purchased all your books and Boot Camp in A Box and have enjoyed learning so much from you. Thanks for sowing seeds into others' lives by helping motivate and teach us we can do it too -- you are a blessing.

Tonya Gibbs, Carlinville, Illinois

While life is truly wonderful -- it was a long, hard road to get to this point. It shouldn't have to be that way. My experience gave me the tools to develop a proven system for success. With this system you will be able to start succeeding right away. Why spend precious time trying to figure this out on your own? Life is just too short and YOU CAN DO THIS.

In fact, anyone who is diligent, hard-working and follows my plan to the letter can do this!

This is what Judy had to say
about Live Boot Camp 2009:

Thank you for another great Boot Camp experience! I wanted to tell you that I just listed "porkpie" hat. Item #160361298182. Not sure it is a porkpie. Porkpies are flat on top, like the straw one that Buster Keaton made famous. It isn't really a fedora either so I put both words in the title.

So, I came home reinvigorated and have been powering through items that I had put aside for over a year! I needed a refresher of the Dralle Method to stop obsessing over my descriptions. And, big news today! I just hired a friend of a friend to help with shipping!

Also, I have been selling items that have been on my shelves since shortly after the '07 Boot Camp.  Things I had forgotten about.

Have a great day!


p.s. I sold a couple of magazine lots over the weekend!

Judy M., Easton, Maryland

Would you like to know exactly how I've achieved my dream lifestyle and business?

If you are ready to purchase NOW, Click here.

Awesome! I know the excitement is building ....

First, I want to tell you what I DID NOT do...

I did NOT go out and buy any of those "get rich quick" eBay kits
I did NOT copy any other eBay Guru's system

What DID I DO? I changed the entire way I approached eBay.

I shifted from an eBay model of one-at-a-time listings to a model that leveraged my knowledge and expertise--Not my TIME

I developed a business model that does not exhaust me, but instead EXCITES me. I've helped thousands of my students realize their dreams and I have a lot more quality time to spend with friends and family.

I am an owner of Boot Camp in a Box. And I love it. I am not yet up to 100 things a week speed, but am enjoying eBaying a lot more!! When it got here, you would have thought it was Christmas. I was listening to the CDs at home, in the car, and my husband was looking at me pretty strangely! I can't wait to try more of Lynn's ideas.
-Diane B., Flint, MI

Ever heard the saying "work smart, not hard?" Well, it is true. I'm using the same knowledge and expertise I had eight years ago. But I'm using it in a way that has tripled my success and takes up just 1/3 of my time.

The key to this shift was discovering how to leverage my core competencies and to streamline the entire process. Sounds easy, but it wasn't....

You see, when I started selling on eBay, no one was teaching this simple system! Even today they aren't and do you know why? Because I invented it! How cool is that??

This is what Jarsie had to say
after Live Boot Camp 2009:

This year's Boot Camp was fun, so informative, and different than the previous year's Boot Camp, which shows that you have adapted to the changes of eBay.

I can't believe how much more knowledge I have gained about clothing, books, plush and stuffed animals, and marketing my ebay business. It goes to show you, there is something to be gained by attending Boot Camp a second time around.

Even though I still have my full time job, I have committed myself to really focusing on my business this year so I can replace my day job and work for myself.

As of last Sunday, I have listed 106 items at auctions, which I haven't done in a long time. I have listed some of the items I purchased at Boot Camp - the flatware, a vase, and I am now working on some plush animals this evening. You would be proud! :)

It is hard to do two jobs at once, but your system makes it possible for me to overcome the mountain I have before me. I have a lot of long nights and tired days ahead of me, but I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

Thanks again, Lynn!

Jarsie (Jennifer), Fort Worth, Texas

Over the last ten years I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars hiring the wrong types of employees for the wrong types of tasks and spent countless hours figuring out the system that I use (and continue to use), to:

  • Always list 100 to 200 unique one-of-a kind items each week on eBay
  • Sell $100,000 worth of interesting merchandise annually on eBay
  • Only spend 15 hours (on average) each week actually finding the merchandise and getting it listed on eBay
  • Sell merchandise with high gross margins and low cost--typically 10-15% is my cost of goods sold!
  • Consistently sell at least $2,500 to $4,500 each month from my eBay store ALONE
  • Have 22% of my customers buy multiple items
  • Market my business to first-time customers so that 18% of my business is repeat
  • Start with higher price points than my competitors and easily get it.
  • Typically work just two days a week on my eBay business--Saturdays and Sundays.

I've got this all down to a complete system that works!

Hello Lynn,

What a great Boot Camp!! You were so helpful and caring in everyway. You really cared if we 'got it'. It was wonderful to have fun and learn too. I would not have missed it for anything. Your crew is just the best!!!!

Such nice classmates too! The food was fantastic! Needless to say, I loved it! I have my calculator out trying to figure out how I can make the next one.

Many thanks, Gladys!

Gladys Cox, Briston, Virginia

Click here to purchase La Quinta Boot Camp in a Box now.

So again, why am I so willing to share it???

Quite frankly, I'm sick and tired of seeing so many marketing scams on how to get rich quick on eBay. They are everywhere and I know how it feels to be there -- you need to invest in your future and these offers can be very enticing. I hate to see anyone get scammed.

HONESTLY: Most of those "Get Rich Quick" eBay Marketing schemes are just that...schemes.

They support questionable tactics that just won't work for everyone -- especially the types of businesses where you sell unique one-of-a-kind items at high margins.

I've had too many of my students tell me that they have spent literally thousands of dollars on a product or seminar only to learn that they need to either develop an elaborate web site or sign on with a very expensive drop-shipping company to make millions. Many of these eBay Marketers don't actually sell on eBay anymore---they just sell their "systems."

It seems like a lot of these marketing people are selling "pieces of the puzzle" - not the entire system. And once they have sold one of the pieces, they keep coming back with more and more pieces until their customers are tapped out.

It is sad for me to see other eBay sellers on this treadmill, running in circles, buying this and that trying to get their businesses off the ground.

"This has got to be it," they think...and they spend money that they will never make back.

All because they are not buying a complete, PROVEN SYSTEM that works -- like my system -- The DRALLE METHOD!

Hi Lynn,

I'm a big fan and have all your books and DVDs...I've watched all the Boot Camp DVDs...I have to tell you I was thrilled with the package!!! I am not a newbie but I'm not at PowerSeller status...yet, and I learned so, so much.
-Donna Powierza, Salisbury, Massachusetts

Most importantly, the Dralle Method is designed for anyone to be successful on eBay.

This is no joke -- I'm absolutely serious. As long as you are dedicated, motivated, hard-working and follow the system exactly, you will succeed!

So when it comes to making money on eBay you need two very important things.... 

1.   The right system--one that is simple, PROVEN, and easy to follow

2.   A Mentor--someone like me to share their experience and walk you through the process (and a mentor who is certified by eBay--YES, I am an eBay Certified Service Provider!)


in my 2010 La Quinta eBay Boot Camp

Click here to purchase La Quinta 2010 Boot Camp in a Box with bonuses now!

I started my live eBay Boot Camps in 2006, holding one in Palm Springs, another in Bellingham, Washington and one at LAX in November. After such a grueling schedule in 2006, I decided that to really pour my heart and soul into teaching—that I would only do ONE Live Boot Camp a Year.

All of the boot camps were extremely successful and the results after the seminar--well, more on that later!

Here is Denise Rodgers's car filled to the brim after garage saling at 2008's Live Boot Camp.

Hi All... I promised some picts of my car after I loaded it up!

The weekend was better than "The Best Ever"... I am so excited about my business.  I believe attending Boot Camp was the smartest thing I've ever done (Ok... maybe top 5... but still...).

Thanks EVERYONE for being so helpful and generous and really, really FUN!

Orange County, CA

Many of you wanted to attend the actual live Boot Camps but for various reasons...

  1. Travel Time
  2. Expense
  3. Scheduling Conflicts
  4. Kids
  5. You had a business to run were unable to be there.

Bellingham, WA Boot Camp, August 2006--
Another wonderful experience!

Los Angeles (LAX) Boot Camp, November 2006--
What a super group!

First, let me tell you what eBay Boot Camp in a Box is NOT....

This is not an audio seminar where multiple speakers teach at a very high level and barely scratch the surface of what you need to learn. Then, they go on to try and sell you even more. You end up buying more STUFF that you never do anything with. (Don't feel bad if you have done this--I have done it also!)

This is a true step-by-step program, geared ONLY to serious eBay Sellers, entrepreneurs, and want-to-be PowerSellers

In eBay Boot Camp in a Box I will teach you how to do the Dralle Method of assembly line listing. 

I am going to show you how I turned my own eBay business around into a production line system that now gives me more money, time and freedom.

Isn't that what this is all about? Isn't this WHY you want to be in business for yourself? If you don't have money, time and freedom right now, you may as well go back and get a regular JOB working for someone else. If there are any JOBS out there to be found.

But don't worry - you will be able to have all these things after completing eBay Boot Camp in a Box and doing EXACTLY what I teach.

To purchase, Click here.

"I'm now an official bronze level power seller! I'm so excited -- I can't believe it!! Just wanted to share some good news! ...your method is working great--I got thirty items listed this morning because of it!! I'll be a silver level in no time (fingers crossed)!!"
-Jen Doms, Capistrano Beach, CA

In Boot Camp in a Box you will learn three key secrets to transform your current eBay business into a money-making machine that is fun and gives you more free time to spend doing what you really want to do!

You will learn: 

1.    How to find merchandise that is affordable and SELLS

2.    How to streamline the listing process

3.    Effective selling strategies for auctions and stores

You'll also learn the seven essential building blocks that will help you to immediately start making money on eBay easily and more efficiently than ever before! 

We are going to cover all seven of these pieces. At the end I believe you will say, like my past students:

"I get it."
 "It makes sense"
"I see the big picture"
"I can't believe it is so easy!!"

"Thank you so very much for the beyond awesome time in Bellingham. It wasn't even a seminar it was a blast...You have no idea how much you helped me with eBay and my life."
-Sharla Jackson, Denver, CO

Click here to sign up NOW.

Here is just a small sample of what we'll be focusing on in this Boot Camp:

1. Antiques & Collectibles

We will spend some time on this subject. I will show and teach you the most important parts of my How to Sell Antiques and Collectibles on eBay....and Make a Fortune Book.

2. Finding Merchandise

My grandmother always said, "You make your money in the buying." This is another critical key to the big picture. This will be a focal point throughout Boot Camp in a Box.

3. Photography

My brother Lee is a successful, accomplished professional photographer who has assisted me in all of my Boot Camps. He teaches an important audio lesson on photography.

Too many sellers on eBay don't pay enough attention to their pictures -- this can really hurt your bottom line.

4. Research

What I am going to teach you about research is going to blow your mind and turn your world upside down. This is one of the most important things you will take away with you from the event. Title, description, and price all stem from research and I am going to show you my system to make it foolproof and easy.

5. Shipping

Shipping can be the worst part of the equation. Or it can be a profit center for you. I am going to show you how to embrace shipping and make it work for you NOT against you.

6. Outsourcing

Another building block in my foundation is outsourcing. You do not have to do the things you don't enjoy. I will show you what I outsource, what I do myself and how much I pay for these extra helping hands. To make it big on eBay you can't do it all with your own hands. You will have to delegate and only concentrate on the things you do well. I have spent thousands of dollars hiring the wrong people to do the wrong parts of my job and I can't wait to share with you the secrets of what really works!

7. Assembly Line Listing

This is where it all comes together. I will teach you the step by step assembly line system I've developed and make it all clear and easy for you. This is going to shave hours and hours off of your work week!

eBay Boot Camp in a Box is your key to learning what you absolutely must know to be successful on eBay.

If you are ready to Purchase NOW, Click here.

"It really helps to have a system. Otherwise you're just spending so much time spinning your wheels... Good stuff! I had a great time, learned a lot and am looking forward to the next one."
-Saul Schnurman, Gig Harbor, WA

"Alright, this sounds perfect for me! What is my investment going to be to learn your unique system that will provide me with the money, time, freedom and successful business that I'm craving in my life?"

Boot Camp in a Box will teach you the entire process.

In figuring out what to charge, my mentor, Kevin, said to me, "let's look at this from a franchise point of view. You gross $100,000 a year on eBay, pay eBay approximately 15%, and your cost of goods sold run another 15%. Your handling fees cover your assistant and packing materials, so this is a business that grosses close to $70,000 a year. Now that is impressive! Do you know what a franchise opportunity like this would typically sell for? (I didn't but he did) -- 3X net or $210,000! You are handing these people the keys to their own eBay business/franchise and you only want to charge $1,299.00? Are you crazy???"

Well, I guess I am crazy. I'm selling this system with the awesome bonuses listed below for just $999 or six easy payments of $166.50 each 30 days. Plus, if you are a member of The Queen's Court, your discount does apply.

Kevin also told me, "When people are considering this type of opportunity, they should not look at what it costs them to do it.....but what it will cost them if they don't."

Can you afford to wait one more day to start your dream job?... I didn't think so.

Click here to purchase.

I have really enjoyed the whole Boot Camp in a Box and have picked up lots of great instruction from you. I also wanted to let you know you are an inspiration and on days when things seem discouraging, your enthusiasm reminds me that it's all in getting the numbers up and having fun with this. And now, I really am!
Thanks again, and God Bless,

-Michele R., St. Petersburg, FL

I want to see you succeed so I will be including the resources you need to help you every step of the way. To make sure you're really ready to blast off, I've gathered together some very special bonuses that will help your eBay numbers--and SALES--SKYROCKET

In addition to this...

DVD set
...You will get:

FREE BONUS #1: Your own eBay Boot Camp Binder

I've compiled a notebook to help you take notes. In your eBay Boot Camp in a Box you will find a twelve section three-ring binder that you'll use to keep track of all the amazing information that I will be teaching. It contains pre-written outlines, notes, samples and examples that we'll use as we go through the sessions.
Value $197

FREE BONUS #2: An eBay Goodie Gift Bag

Your gift bag will be full of all the tools that I have found to be invaluable over the years. Things like my category cheat sheet and my USPS International Shipping Chart that will save you hours and hours of time! I Sell Binder. Props to help with your photos, secret cleaners and products to make your items sell better, tools to help identify items and much, much more.
Value $397

FREE BONUS #3: The Entire Purchase Price can be used as a credit towards attending a real live Boot Camp

I can't believe that I am doing this, but I am going to go out on a limb to help you make this very important decision. I know that by buying eBay Boot Camp in a Box it can change your life. SO….the $1,299 $999 that you pay for this course will become a credit towards one of my Live three-day Boot Camp events (at regular price). As an example, if my next eBay Boot Camp is $3,297--to attend you would only pay $1,998.
Value $1,299

FREE BONUS #4: Audio from the La Quinta Boot Camp Teleconference

Listen in to a Q&A session with the same Live Boot Campers you have seen on Camera. This audio will come as two bonus audio discs
in your Boot Camp in a Box.
Value $97

FREE BONUS #5: One free month's membership to The Queen's Court

You will get one month to spend with the Queen's Court. You can surf the forum boards, list 3 items for Lynn and other members to help identify, get the monthly Q & A call plus the free gift!
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The reason is because (for those of you who don't know me) -- as Sharla's boyfriend noticed at the LAX Boot camp (Sharla is a two-time eBay Boot Camp Graduate): "Waldron said he can tell you love having your Boot Camps because you really want to help everyone succeed.  We know you like the money but it seems as if it's not about the money at all. We both really love you and want to sincerely thank you and your family for everything. You will always have success because you care about others succeeding too."

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You don't already have to be an eBay Seller to join us and get started.
BEGINNERS are Welcome.

However, so that you are ready to roll,
 I do ask that you complete my six-step ecourse!


To those of you who purchase eBay Boot Camp in a Box and have not taken my $97 eCourse --
I am giving it to you, free of charge.

As you have read in the testimonials, I get all types of eBay sellers who receive the information and results that they were looking for.

You see, even if you are a beginner, you are in a great position. It is actually better that you complete Boot Camp in a Box before you form all of your eBay habits. This way you won't waste your time and money on strategies and merchandise that won't work. You will learn from me--someone who has a PROVEN system that you can model, and you will learn the simple and fast way to do things. 

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"We’ve had a great experience here. Lynn is an amazing teacher, so charismatic and has a very easy style. I’m really enjoying this, learning a lot of new things. She’s just fantastic. Very patient, lots of fun and we enjoyed our time here."
-CJ Rizzo, San Diego, CA


Yes Lynn, I'm Ready to FINALLY Learn How to use eBay to Build more Money, Time and Freedom into my Life!

  • I understand I'll receive ten video DVDs.
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"Dear Lynn,

Thank you for teaching me the tools I need to provide for my family...the old adage "teach a man to fish" sure applies to my Clan. Everyone is ready and now so am I....... there are no words to express how thankful I am, so I will do it by becoming the best I can be at eBay."

"May God bless you, your mom, brother and staff (and camera man) for all their hard work. And Blessings to your sister and her family and your dad. All of you were wonderful."
-Cat Younce, Thousand Oaks, CA

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Thanks again for such a great seminar and being the great lady you are. It was quite a privilege to take part in your class and get to know you.
-Ray Clutterham, Sandhill, MS

I'm looking forward to teaching you and sharing with you the keys to finding the MONEY, TIME and FREEDOM you've been craving.

Happy eBaying!!


Lynn A. Dralle
"The Queen of Auctions"

P.S. Don't look at what this is costing....As my mentor says, "Look at what it will cost you if you don't buy it."

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P.P.P.S. Also, remember that because this is a business investment, the entire cost is 100% tax deductible (Check with your accountant.) This makes it an even better deal!

P.P.P.P.S. eBay beginners are welcome to purchase Boot Camp in a Box. Just make sure to complete my six-week ecourse. The ecourse is my gift to you! As soon as you make your purchase, email us at and tell us to get you started on the course! 


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