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Submitting your story for
Lynn's 100 Best Things
You've Sold on eBay

Guidelines for submitting your stories--

1. Give us this information for the first part of the story (like the book): price paid, from where, the title, a short description (not more than 250 or so characters), the winning bid, date ended, how many bids, starting bid and where the winner lives. Also how many times it was viewed.

2. Attach a photo of the item sold.

3. The second part of your submission should have the side story. No more than 550 words. Also, please attach a photo that ties in with your side story.

If you need help keeping track of your auctions--for things like this that come up--check out my I Sell and I Buy Tracking Binders.

If we receive long, rambling submissions, we won't be able to even read them--so please follow the rules! We can't wait to hear your success stories. Please email your submissions to:

Happy eBaying!!


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